Brava : interj. \ Bra•va\ 1. An expressive appreciation of a woman

The Concept… The Founder… The Team…

Brava Boutique founder Christine Lackan Ory has had an ongoing love affair with beautiful lingerie from the age of 15 during an international student exchange program that brought her to Belgium. It was there she discovered that fine lingerie and specifically matching bra and panty sets were an essential part of every young French woman’s wardrobe.

Ms. Lackan Ory began working in the lingerie industry at the age of 17, learning the business from June Taylor, an icon in the intimate apparel and swimwear industries and the first woman to introduce and carry forward the concept of bra fittings to Ontario, Canada from Europe.  A few years later with her mentor’s blessing, Ms. Lackan Ory took a year off from pursuing her honours degree in International Relations and French to open Brava Boutique in the heart of Toronto’s financial district at 23 years old.

Since Brava Boutique’s opening on Heritage Row in Toronto’s CIBC building in 1997, Ms. Lackan Ory and the Brava team have a loyal following of thousands of women providing them with the very best European underpinnings using their signature bra fitting method. Brava aims to empower women by showing them ways they can re-shape their bodies with properly fitted undergarments.

The Brava team is highly respected by its peers in the lingerie industry as well as international intimate apparel companies and designers. Over the years Brava Boutique has become an institution and is consistently visited by senior executives of world renowned brands for valuable input and feedback on lingerie products and services. In addition, Brava Boutique has received numerous invitations to tour various design and manufacturing facilities of well-known labels in many major European cities.

To this day, Ms. Lackan Ory remains passionate about her work and frequently travels to fashion capitals in both Europe and the Americas in order to bring clients the most innovative products available. A 25 year veteran in the industry, she is an award-winning, celebrity bra & swim fit stylist, a certified prosthetic fitter and entrepreneur. Ms. Lackan Ory has had the honour of being regularly featured as an expert in numerous magazines, newspaper publications and on many television and radio shows. Her wealth of knowledge and love for helping women look and feel their absolute best has made Brava Boutique an underground mecca for thousands of lingerie and swimwear enthusiasts as well as a highly respected brand in her field.

The Brava team, led by Ms. Lackan Ory consists of a small group of young professionals who consistently keep up to date with current trends and the latest information on breast health.   While collectively Brava takes the art of bra fitting seriously, the Brava Boutique atmosphere is light and each fitter brings a sense of joy to their sessions.

Every member of the Brava team is a trained fit stylist and certified prosthetic fitter who is qualified to help with all your lingerie and swimwear needs.