Every year Brava Boutique aims to give back to the community in a variety of ways including sponsoring local events, donating to various organizations and charities, and participating in and speaking at conferences, particularly those which focus on breast cancer, breast health and women’s issues.

The following are just a few examples illustrating how Brava strives to give back to the community and empower women:

Brava Boutique’s own “Take It Off for a Worthy Cause” Bra Drive

Brava Boutique is dedicated to serving women in whatever ways they can. That is why every year since 2002 Brava has been giving back to women in the Greater Toronto Area by donating bras to a variety of women’s shelters through their innovative “Take it Off for a Worthy Cause” event. Through this program and because of loyal clients, Brava has been able to raise hundreds of bras per year to donate to women all throughout the city.

Free the Girls

Recently Brava has teamed up with international organization Free the Girls, which focuses on helping women who have been rescued from sex trafficking to financially support themselves by selling donated bras. All bras provided to Free the Girls are sent to countries including Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda and El Salvador.

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Pink Tulip

Brava Boutique founder and CEO Christine Lackan Ory is often seen presenting her knowledge of and passion for lingerie and the art of bra fitting on camera for various television shows.

There is, however, one on-camera moment which Ms. Lackan Ory is especially proud of. The Pink Tulip Foundation, an organization devoted to creating programs specifically designed to help educate and create awareness of breast health amongst adolescent women, produced a video on breast health that Ms. Lackan Ory was asked to be a part of. The video is currently being used as part of the Ontario grades 11 and 12 biology curriculum and shown by a number of provincial and district school boards.