Quality Makes a World of Difference

Benefits of a Bra Fitting

The wrong bras can also be the source of headaches, as well as neck, shoulder and back pain.

Good quality, properly fitted bras lift, support and separate breasts. This flatters the figure by elongating the body, highlighting the waist and bringing the breasts within the body frame. The result is better fitting clothing and a slimmer appearance.

With bra fittings gaining popularity in the last few years it is important for women to be aware of three main components that should be present with any authentic fit session:

  • An extensive size range readily available (it’s important to note European undergarment manufacturers operate on a much more concise sizing scale).
  • An appropriate selection of European undergarment collections (European materials, technology and design remain unparalleled).
  • A knowledgeable, certified fitter.

What’s My Size?

Bra fitting is an art as opposed to an exact science. Depending on manufacturers, materials, fit models and styles, your size will vary. Even though the majority of women wear the wrong bra size, there usually isn’t a “right size”. A professional, certified fitter will be able to find the true size range of each client. Most importantly, Brava’s fit stylists will assist in selecting the most appropriate bras based on each woman’s individual needs.

Book a Bra Fit Styling Session

Booking a fit session at Brava Boutique will ensure you’re getting the finest selection of European underpinnings and the best fitting from Brava’s friendly, educated team members.

With over 180 sizes, Brava Boutique (literally) has everyone covered.