For a Lover or a Loved One… Wrap Her in a Gift from Brava Boutique

Lingerie is one of the most sensual and intimate gifts you can give a woman. But there are also many day, sleep and loungewear items that make for luxurious personal and practical gifts for mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. Although shopping for lingerie can be overwhelming, Brava Boutique is eager to help guide you through the many available options in-store.

gifts_12C_imageHere are some helpful preliminary tips:

  • Although Brava Boutique has an exchange policy in place for bras as gifts, you’ll want to buy a bra in her correct size (or at least get as close to it as possible). Check the labels of the bras she wears most frequently and look for both the number and letter. Making a note of her bra’s brand name(s) will also be helpful.
  • Lingerie gift items need not be limited to bra sets. Depending on who the gift is for and the occasion it is marking (shower, anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, honeymoon…), other garments to consider as gifts include negligée, teddy, camisole sets, pajamas, robes, and garter belts and stockings.
  • When searching for a gift for a friend or family member, consider pieces that offer more coverage in opaque fabrics.
  • When in doubt, or if interested in purchasing something for someone other than your partner, gift certificates are always an enjoyable option and come in any denomination. They are redeemable at any time and she can have her pick of anything and everything Brava Boutique has to offer.